Importing data from Momento Classic

How do i import data my data from Momento Classic?

Important: Ensure you have the latest version of Momento Classic (must be 2.9 or later) installed on the same device as Momento. For more information on downloading Momento Classic please see this article.

Upon first launching Momento you will be asked if you would like to import data from Momento Classic (if installed). Momento will guide you through the process.

If you didn't import your data on first launch you can do this from the 'Data' menu in 'Settings':

  1. Ensure Momento Classic is installed on your device and the data you wish to import is that which is currently being used by Momento Classic.
  2. Tap the 'Settings' icon (cog) in the top left of the 'Timeline'.
  3. Tap 'Data'
  4. Tap 'Import'
  5. Tap 'Import Momento Classic Data'.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions.

You will return to the import screen once complete.

Will importing data affect data in Momento Classic?

No, Momento Classic will still run independently.

However, for technical reasons Momento 3 moves Momento Classic data to a different location on your device. This will prevent you from restoring Momento Classic data from a backup whilst Momento 3 is installed. You will still be able to backup your Momento Classic data, but restoring data will require you to delete both Momento Classic AND Momento 3 from your device.

We strongly recommend considering this process as a migration process and using Momento 3 as your primary journal thereafter.

How do I know Momento is importing my data?

During the import process you will see your existing data begin to display in Momento.

Whilst the import process is underway you will see 'Importing Data...' in the activity status message at the top of the screen when viewing the 'Timeline' tab.

After data has been imported Momento you will be prompted by an alert which will let you know the import is complete. Momento will then need to update all the day summaries to reflect the changes to the new data. You will notice that the activity status message at the top of the screen will change to 'Updating Summaries...' Once summaries have been updated your journal will be up to date.

How long will it take to import my data?

The length of time it will take for Momento to import you data is dependent on the device you're using and the amount of data importing. Generally, importing and processing data 5 years of average data will take around 20-30 minutes on an iPhone 5.

When the import process finishes you will be notified. Momento may still be processing data and updating summaries after this so it may take some additional time to display all your data.

How can I speed up the process?

Due to iOS restrictions Momento can only process data for up to 10 minutes if another app is launched (i.e. Momento is sent to the background) or if your device goes to sleep.

If Momento is sent to the background or your device sleeps then data processing maybe paused until Momento is next relaunched.

Leaving Momento open and your device awake until the import process has completed is the quickest way to let Momento process your data. To keep your device awake and unlocked you will need to disable 'Auto-Lock' on your device in 'iOS Settings > General > Auto-lock'.

Please be aware that does mean that your device won't be protected by a lock-code whilst the process is underway. We recommend only doing this if you're in a secure environment.

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