How do I share a moment?

Sharing a moment or moment group

To share a moment or group of moments tap the '•••' (1) icon alongside the item(s) you would like to share and select 'Share'.

Sharing a summary

To share a summary tap the '•••' icon in the navigation bar at the top of the day you would like to share the summary of and and select 'Share'.

Share options

After selecting an item to share you will then be presented with the share options screen. From here you will be able to select what you would like to share and where you would like to share it to.

Items can only be shared to one network at a time and the item will be formatted appropriately to the place you choose to share it.

Sharing to social networks

Momento currently supports direct sharing to Facebook and Twitter. You will need to be logged in via iOS Settings in order to share using these options.

You can also share an image to Instagram. This will open the image directly in the Instagram app for you ready for you to share.

Sharing privately or to other apps

To share moments via email, text message or other apps, select the 'Other' option and tap 'Post' to display the standard iOS sharing options.

Share Preview

After selecting how you would like to share the moment and where you would like to share it, you will be presented with the share preview.

1. Editing the caption

A caption can be included alongside the shared image. You can adjust this by simply typing in the available space.

2. View Image Preview

To view the preview full screen and zoom in, just tap on the image.

3. Select Photos

Tap the photo icon to select which photos to display in the preview. A maximum of 9 photos can be included in a grid.

4. Post

Tap 'Post' in the top right to share the image.


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