Where is my data stored?

Your data is stored only on your devices and, if iCloud backups are enabled, on iCloud. We don't operate any of our own servers and therefore do not store or have access to any of your Momento data.

For full details on how Momento stores your data, please see our Privacy Policy.


Momento uses Apple's iCloud service to store backups of your data (if enabled).

Inside of iCloud your data is stored in your own private database which only your Apple ID is capable of accessing.


For more information of photo storage please see the article 'Photo Storage FAQ'.

Why don't you store my data for me?

Recent changes and advances in iCloud technology now mean we can reliably and securely store your data using Apple's iCloud service.

We want to make storing your data as simple, easy and cheap as possible. Rather than providing our own cloud storage and sync service we have decided to use the iCloud service provided by Apple. This means your Momento data will reside with all the other data you already store and entrust with Apple.

Storing and syncing data with iCloud keeps your cloud storage costs low and means we can focus our time on developing Momento without the need to manage and maintain our own cloud infrastructure.

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