How do I edit or delete a place?

To edit or delete a place, navigate to the 'Places' screen inside the 'Explore' tab and tap the place you wish to make changes to.

Tap the '•••' button in the top right and choose 'Edit Place'.

Editing a place


To change the location of a place simply tap the map. This will take you to the 'Edit Location' screen.

Move the pin to the new location by dragging the map. To set a precise location you can zoom in to the map. Optionally you can use the search bar at the top to search for a specific address, town or city. Once the pin is in correct location just tap 'Back'.


Address details are optional but we recommend including them to help distinguish between places with the same name.

Deleting a place

Simply tap the 'Delete Place' button to delete the place from Momento. By deleting a place it will be removed from all associated moments. This operation cannot be reversed.

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