What is a tag?

Tags provide you with a easy way to group, categorise and organise your moments based on keywords.

Tags can be created manually when adding a new moment or they will be automatically imported from feed items.

A great use of tags is for creating sub-journals for specific activities. For example, you could tag moments with 'Gratitude' when you mention something you are grateful for. This will allow you to look back on all the moments you are grateful for, and effectively creating a gratitude journal.

Here are some useful examples of tags...

Dream - Record your dreams each morning as soon as you wake up to create a dream journal.

Workout - Record your workout achievements.

Pregancy - Record your moments throughout pregnancy.

Ideas - Keep track of ideas you have on the go.

Film - Track what films you have seen and when you saw them.

Meeting - Record meeting notes for quick reference in the future.

Goals - Record the things you want to achieve.

★★★★★ - Use stars to rate your moments.

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