Navigating the timeline

The timeline is the quickest way to browse your journal by date.

The timeline can be navigated though four sections: Days (1), Months (2), Years (3) and 'On This Day' (4).


This is your entire journal grouped by days. Tap on any of the cards to view that specific day.


This is your entire journal grouped by months. Tap on any month to navigate the days within that month.


This is your entire journal grouped by years. Tap on any year to navigate the months, and in turn the days within that year.

On This Day

If today's date has activity from a past year, the 'On This Day' section will be displayed. This will show you day summaries for the day's date for each year.


Each day, month and year is represented as a card. Each card shows a summary, including the date (1), a photo or map summary (2), a text summary (3) and for a day you'll also see an activity summary (4).

Photo/Map Summary

A photo summary will show a selection of photos from the day, month or year. If there are no photos on a day then this section may show another visual representation of activity on this day, such as a map of a place you visited.

Text Summary

The day summary is a textual representation of the places you have visited, people you have interacted with, tags, events and text from any moments on that day.

Activity Summary

At the bottom of a day card you will also see an activity summary, displaying the different types of activities captured on that day.

Jump to the top

To quickly scroll to the top of the timeline just tap the status bar (where the time and battery indicator is). This can be used throughout iOS to navigate to the top of any screen quickly.

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