Released: 12th January 2016


Local Photo/Video Storage
A copy of photos and videos are now stored in Momento instead of referencing them from your Photo Library. Photos that were previously referenced will be automatically copied into Momento for safe-keeping. If you don’t have available storage existing photos will be referenced until enough storage is available.

Local Backup
If you prefer keeping your data out of the cloud, you can now store backups locally and move them to your computer for safe keeping using iTunes File Sharing.


  • Search existing places (not just those nearby) when adding a place to a moment
  • Moment and mention counts are now displayed when exploring people, places and tags
  • Newly imported non-square Instagram images now display without whitespace
  • Day name is now shown when selecting a date from the date picker


  • Fixed a crash when editing tags
  • Fixed a crash when merging people, places and tags
  • Fixed reminders not enabling/disabling properly
  • Fixed local images not loading when there was no internet connection
  • Fixed a glitch when deleting reminders
  • Fixed a glitch which switched to writing mode after entering event name
  • Fixed the search placeholder in global search
  • Fixed the lock-screen pin entry responsiveness
  • Fixed display of photos when adding from a photo album
  • Fixed date picker not responding to changes
  • Fixed display of moment text after cancelling adding a place
  • Fixed display of section headers in 'Explore People' and 'Explore Places’
  • Fixed display of place addresses on ‘merge with’ screen
  • Plus a load of minor fixes (visual tweaks, corrections and polishes)
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