Released: 26th February 2016


You can now restore your data from backups created by Momento. This makes transferring data to a new device simple, especially if you would prefer not to restore from a device backup. Remember to keep regular backups of your Momento data, either locally or in iCloud, using the backups feature.

Summary Preferences
If you would prefer a more minimal Day, Month and Year Timeline, you can now choose to hide maps and photos. In addition you can also choose to always show notes in the Summaries, otherwise Momento will intelligently choose what text to display based on the the days’ activities.


  • Reminders can now include custom notes — perfect for adding templated entries.
  • Albums and photos synced from the Photos app or iPhoto are now available when adding photos to Momento.
  • Albums are now shown in alphabetical order (where applicable) when adding photos to Momento.
  • Improved the range of nearby places when exploring places.
  • When adding a place to a moment after changing the location, the updated location is now remembered when re-selecting a place.
  • Recently added people and tags are now displayed in order with the most recent at the top.
  • Recently added people and tags are now updated after every change rather than every save to make them available when tagging multiple photos.
  • When merging people you now see ‘all’ people rather than just ‘with’ or ‘mentioned’.
  • Tags which include unicode characters (such as stars) are now displayed at the top of the tags list for easier access.
  • Improved contrast of lighter text throughout the UI for improved readability.
  • Other minor UI tweaks to improve usability.


  • Fixed a crash when changing casing of tags.
  • Fixed a bug with maps not displaying correctly when merging places.
  • Fixed a bug which could display duplicate search results.
  • Fixed a bug which would cause the keyboard to cover text when writing a note.
  • Momento can now be launched using the momento-3:// URL scheme as well as momento:// to avoid conflict with Momento Classic.
  • Removed the ‘Name this event’ section when editing a moment.
  • Reminders now work correctly when switching timezones.
  • Update card now shows under the lock screen.


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