The future of Momento Classic

What's happened to Momento Classic?

With the launch of Momento 3 we stopped maintaining Momento Classic as we focus on the future of the product. This means that Momento Classic will no longer receive any future features, enhancements or bug-fixes.

We will continue to maintain the migration process to assist with moving data from Momento Classic to Momento 3 until mid-2016.

Will Momento Classic stop working?

Maybe. Momento Classic's on going functionality is primarily dependent upon iOS compatibility and feed API's (how we communicate with the feed providers).

Changes to future versions of iOS may impact the functionality of Momento and as the app is no longer maintained or supported these issues won't be resolved.

Any changes feed providers make to their API's may also affect Momento's functionality in terms of importing feeds. We therefore can't guarantee that feeds will continue to function properly in the future.

We want to make our customers aware of the possibilities so you can make an informed decision on whether you should continue to use the product.

Will I lose my data if Momento Classic stops working?

If Momento Classic stops working you will not be able to access your data or transfer it to Momento 3. For this reason we strongly recommend that you upgrade to Momento 3 and transfer your data or keep regular exports of your Momento data. Please note, exported data cannot be imported in to Momento 3.

Can I transfer my Momento Classic data to Momento 3?

Yes, but only if Momento Classic is working. The migration process requires Momento Classic to transfer the data to Momento 3. For this reason we strongly recommend that you upgrade to Momento 3 and transfer your data as soon as possible.

Why are you ceasing development of Momento Classic?

We are a small team and want to focus our efforts on the future of the product.

Will Momento Classic be removed from sale on the App Store?

Yes. However this will not impact functionality of the app or your data. Momento Classic customers will be able to re-download the app from the 'Purchased' section of the App Store even after it has been removed from sale.

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