Momento Premium

What is Momento Premium?

Momento Premium is an annual subscription to the complete Momento experience. As a Premium subscriber you have access to all unlockable features available in Momento, including exclusive features which are only available to Premium users.

Who is Momento Premium for?

Momento Premium is designed for users who use Momento regularly and those who want access to some of the more advanced and extended features of the app.

What do I get with Momento Premium?

Momento Premium includes every feature available in Momento. All in-app purchases will be unlocked PLUS you'll get all the exclusive 'premium only' features.

Unlocked In-app purchases include:

  • Lock code and TouchID protection
  • Multiple photos/videos per entry

Exclusive Premium-only features include:

  • Unlimited feeds
  • Export
  • Hourly feed updates

Any new premium features added to Momento will be automatically available to any Momento Premium user.

How much is Momento Premium?

Pricing can be found in Momento in the 'Shop' and 'Premium' section, as well as on the App Store by viewing the 'In-App Purchases' section.

Why is Momento Premium a subscription?

As a business it's important that we have a sustainable business model that ensures we can cover operational costs so we can continue to run, maintain and improve the product. We're a small self funded team and unlike many free apps we don't make money from selling your data or advertising.

Free updates forever simply isn't sustainable and rather than charge a large fee for new major releases (which the App Store doesn't support well), we charge a small annual fee for ongoing development of new features and enhancements.

Momento Premium doesn't auto-renew so the subscription will expire and can be renewed manually if you wish to continue benefiting from the premium features, updates and enhancements.

I paid for Momento 3 before it was free, what happens for me?

The Momento experience for all our early supporters who purchased Momento 3 won't change.

As an early supporter who paid to download Momento, every current feature and all Premium features (including those added up until 1st July 2017) will be unlocked forever. You'll get to keep these features even if you don't choose to subscribe to Momento Premium in the future.

Subscribing to Momento Premium after this date will provide access to any new Premium features introduced thereafter for the period of your subscription.

When you first launch Momento we'll verify your purchase of the original app and then all existing features and Momento Premium will be enabled.

Momento Classic purchases are not eligible for a free Momento Premium subscription — Momento 3 was, and Momento Premium is, a paid upgrade for all Momento Classic users.

I'm an existing Momento 3 user or have paid for Premium but it isn't enabled!

Just tap the 'Refresh' purchase button in 'Settings' > 'Premium' and sign in with the Apple ID you used to originally purchase Momento 3 or Momento Premium.

If Momento is unable to verify your purchase then this is because a valid receipt for Momento 3 or Momento Premium could not be found with your Apple ID. Please note that Momento Classic purchases are not eligible for the free upgrade to Premium.

If you are still having trouble, please contact support.

How do I stop my Momento Premium subscription from renewing?

Momento Premium doesn't auto-renew so the subscription will expire and can be renewed manually. We'll let you know when your subscription is nearing expiry.

What happens when I stop my Momento Premium subscription?

Your subscription will continue to its expiry date. You can find out the expiry date by visiting 'Settings' > 'Premium' in Momento.

For users who purchased Momento 3 (i.e. purchases before June 2016)

If you purchased Momento before the app went free then you'll automatically have the original features and any Premium features added up to 1st July 2017 enabled. Any additional purchasable/premium features added after this date will be disabled.

For users who subscribed Momento Premium

Once Momento Premium has expired Momento will return to its basic free mode. All 'Premium-only' features will be disabled and any unlockable features will be disabled unless you have already purchased them.


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