Released: 15th June 2016
Spotify Feed
Hearing a song can instantly take us back in time, and what better way to treasure tracks than keeping them in Momento? The Spotify feed pulls in saved tracks and albums so the moment you decide a track is worth saving, is the moment it gets archived in Momento.
Goodreads Feed
Momento lets you read your history… and now your reading history can now be part of your journal! See when you started reading a book and when you finished with your personal rating and review.
Medium Feed
If you’re a blogger, journalist or just love to write, then Medium is a great platform for sharing your work. Thanks to our nifty web feed importer your recent Medium stories can now be part of your life story!
Restored & Refreshed Feeds
Flickr Feed
If you have your life captured in photos on Flickr, this one’s for you. Momento will import all your Flickr photos on the date they were taken (or uploaded).
YouTube Feed
Whether you’re a vlogger, show host or filmmaker, you’ll love the YouTube feed. Momento will import all your uploaded videos and archive them on the dates they were published.
Web Feeds
The most versatile of feeds, allowing you to capture information from any public RSS or Atom feed. This is great for importing links your blog posts or the day’s top news stories from your favourite news site.
Enhanced Search & Explore
We’ve redesigned search and the explore tab to provide ‘moment’ results as well as ‘days’. Search is also now accessible as a ‘Quick Action’ using 3D Touch on iPhone 6s/6s Plus.
  • We’ve improved the Twitter feed so you now can choose whether to import your @replies or retweets.
  • Tags are now organised into ‘Moment’ tags and 'Feed’ tags to keep things neat and tidy.
  • You can now navigate back and forth between days and add moments to a day with the new day navigation toolbar.
  • You can now view feed moments on their respective sites. Just tap on the more button (•••) alongside a Instagram photo, for example, to see the ‘View on Instagram’ option.
  • Multiple places can now be added to a single moment. Just tap the ‘Add Place’ button again to select an additional place.
  • Photo summaries on the day view are now hidden by default. To view them just scroll up above the date.
  • Feed authentication is now handled with an in-app browser to avoid switching back and forth between Safari.
  • Support FAQ articles are now searchable. 
  • ‘Write Note’ and ‘Search’ are now available as 3D Touch Quick Actions.
  • New preferences for adding moments allow you to control the behaviour of the ‘+’ button when tapped or tapped and held. This allows you to jump straight into ‘Write’ mode as the default behaviour.
  • We now handle TouchID errors much more gracefully, taking you straight to the passcode entry.
  • URL’s in moments are now properly formatted as links.
  • Minor bug-fixes.
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