Providing Data

Why we sometimes require backup data

In some cases it can be impossible to replicate the exact conditions of a bug or crash, especially if the issue is due to data stored in Momento. The Momento team may request a copy of your data for the sole purpose of investigating an issue you have reported.

In every case the data you supply is stored safely and is only used for the purposes of diagnosing the issue at hand. Once resolved, copies of the data will be deleted.

How do I prepare the data?

There are two ways to supply data:

Create a local backup OR extract data via iExplorer.

If you can launch Momento then we recommend creating a backup. If you're unable to launch Momento and don't have a backup to restore from, then please use iExplorer.

Creating a local backup

To provide a copy of your data you will need to make a Local Backup of your data. You can find out how to do this in our 'Backup FAQ'.

Once you have copied the backup and copied it to your computer you will need to send us the latest file which exists in the 'Data' folder inside of the 'Backups' folder.

The file name will start with 'Momento ManualBackup' and have a '.zip' extension. This is the file you will need to send to the support team.

Extracting data with iExplorer

iExplorer is third party software which allows you to directly browse the files on your device. As this is third party software we can't provide direct support for this software, nor can we provide any guarantees in its usage.

  1. Download iExplorer from
  2. Connect your iPhone to your Mac or PC
  3. Create a new folder on your Desktop called 'Momento Backup'
  4. Launch iExplorer and choose 'Continue with Demo'
  5. On the left menu select 'Apps'
  6. From the right list double click on 'Momento'
  7. The double click the 'Library' folder
  8. Select (highlight) the 'Preferences' folder and hit Cmd+E (or drag the folder across) and save it to the 'Momento Backup' folder you created on the Desktop.
  9. Double click the 'Application Support' folder
  10. Select (highlight) the 'Database' folder and hit Cmd+E (or drag the folder across) and save it to the 'Momento Backup' folder you created on the Desktop.
  11. Wait for that to finished copying (progress in in the bottom left of the iExplorer window)
  12. Go to your Desktop and right click the 'Momento Backup' folder and choose 'Compress Momento Backup' or otherwise generate a compressed file of the folder.
  13. This will have create a file called 'Momento' on your Desktop

How do I supply the files?

In most cases you will be provided a 'Dropbox File Request' link which will allow you to upload the files directly to us. Alternatively you can supply us with a link to the file on a cloud storage service of your choosing.

Due to the file sizes of backups we do not recommend sending them via email.

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