Why can't I add any more feeds?

If you're issue related to connecting a feed then please see our Troubleshooting FAQ.

Feed Restrictions

The free version of Momento is restricted to adding up to 3 feeds. This restriction is the number of feeds you can have in Momento, irrespective of whether the feeds are connected or disconnected.

If you're a Momento Classic user using the free version of Momento 3, and have imported your existing data, then all feed connections will have been disconnected.

If you have imported 3 or more feeds then you will only be able to connect up to 3 feeds and you won't be able to add any new feeds.

Purchasing 3 Additional Feed Connections

3 Additional Feed connections can be purchased from the Momento Shop (in Settings > Shop). This will allow you to have up to 6 feeds in Momento.

If you're a Momento Classic user with existing feeds, and have 6 or more feeds already in Momento then you won't be able to add any additional feeds, but you will be able to connect up to 6 feeds.

Unlimited Feeds

If you require more than 6 feeds in Momento then you will need to upgrade to Momento Premium.

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