Facebook Feed FAQ

What does Momento import from Facebook?

Momento will import the following items from Facebook:

  • Posts (by you)
  • Photos (uploaded by you)
  • Videos (uploaded by you)

Momento will not import:

  • People tagged in posts
  • Posts on your wall by other users
  • Posts by you on other users' walls
  • Posts or photos by other users with you tagged in
  • Private messages
  • Activity posts from other apps
  • Life events
  • Group messages
  • Page activity

Momento is focussed on capturing information that helps provide a picture of your daily activities and provide useful context.

Can I add multiple Facebook accounts?

Yes. Please note that Momento does not support Facebook pages.

Feed Limitations

Momento will import your full Facebook history, limited by what Facebook allow access to.

Some old status updates may not be retrieved due to a bug with the Facebook API. We have filed a bug report with Facebook and are awaiting a fix. This may to not affect every user.

Known Issues


Broken Images

If your are seeing 'X' images for images which aren't loading, this could be due to three reasons.

1. Connection Issues

Facebook images are not stored on your device and whilst some maybe cached (stored temporarily), other older images will be loaded directly from Facebook. If you are experiencing connection issues or your device is unable to communicate with Facebook, then these images won't display until a connection is restored.

2. Unauthorised Access

Momento connects to Facebook using a 'token' which provides secure access to your Facebook data, including images. This token can expire if Momento is not launched and the feed refreshed for periods longer than 30 days. In addition, the token can be revoked should you de-authorise Momento from accessing your Facebook account or carry out changes to certain security settings related to your account on Facebook.

To force refresh the token you will need to disconnect and reconnect the feed in Facebook. If this problem persists you will need to delete the Facebook feed from Momento, and re-add it fresh.

3. Delete Images

Images from feeds are not stored on your device. If you delete images from Facebook then Momento will no longer be able to retrieve them. 

Additional Troubleshooting

If you are having issues with your Facebook feed and have carried out all of the checks on in our 'Troubleshooting Feeds' article, then here are some additional steps you can take to ensure Facebook is setup correctly.

Check Cookies are enabled in Safari

If you have cookies disabled in Safari then Facebook will not be able to authenticate. To check go to 'iOS Settings > Safari > Block Cookies' and ensure that it's set to 'Allow from Websites I Visit' which is the default iOS setting.

Check 'Platform' is enabled in Facebook

  1. Visit Facebook App Settings on your web browser.
  2. Under the 'Apps, Websites and Plugins' tap 'Edit' and ensure that Platform is ON/Enabled.

Check Momento is enabled in Facebook

  1. Visit Facebook App Settings on your web browser.
  2. Under the 'Logged in with Facebook' tab at the top, click on 'Momento' from the list of apps.
  3. Ensure all permissions have a tick beside them.
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