Troubleshooting feeds

If you are experiencing trouble with any of your feeds the methods on this page will help resolve your issue.

Unable to connect a feed

1. Ensure you are running the latest version of Momento
Changes are frequently made to Momento to ensure compatibility with changes and updates made by third party services. Visit the 'Updates' section on the App Store to check you are running the latest version of Momento.

2. Ensure your device is connected to the internet
Momento requires an internet connection to connect feeds. Please ensure that your device is connected to the internet and isn't restricted from accessing any of the services Momento connects with. If you are using a VPN or are behind a Firewall then this may affect your ability to reliably connect to any of the supported services.

3. Ensure you are entering your login credentials correctly
Double check you are entering your login details correctly. Some services require an email address instead of an username and vice-versa to connect to their service. Also, some services may have two-factor verification which will require you to either generate an application specific password or enter a secondary security code.

4. Ensure the time and timezone on your device is correct
Some services use the time for authentication purposes. If your time (or timezone) is incorrect then this may affect logging in to web services when adding feeds or when retrieving data. You can check these settings in the iOS 'Settings' application.

5. Service outages and connection issues
From time to time web services may experience downtime or drop connections. If you're having problems connecting to any of the feeds, we recommend trying again later.

6. Check Safari cookies are not disabled
If you have cookies disabled in Safari then some feeds will not be able to authenticate. To check go to 'iOS Settings > Safari > Block Cookies' and check that it's set to 'Allow from Websites I Visit' which is the default iOS setting.

Why aren't my feeds updating?

1. 3 Hours has not elapsed since last update
Momento will only automatically update your feeds on launch if 3 hours have elapsed since the last update. This is to reduce stress on the services we connect with. Some of the services have API limits so we must manage requests carefully.

2. Authentication failure
If your feeds haven't updated in over 24 hours then this maybe due to an authentication error. Please see the 'Reauthenticating a feed' section below.

3. Service outage
The service provider of the feed maybe having issues preventing Momento from updating. For the latest reports of service outages please see the 'Current Status' section at the top of this article.

4. Service permissions
Some services (such as Facebook) allow you to change permission settings for apps inside of their own settings. If any changes are made to permissions on their side then this may affect Momento's ability to update the feed.

Feed limitations

Some web services are limited by their provider so Momento can only download a limited amount of historic data or data types. For more information please see the 'How far back does Momento import data?' article.

Re-authenticating a feed

From time to time Momento may lose authentication to access your feed. This can occur for a number of reasons:

  • The service provider revokes access for security reasons
  • The authentication expires (imposed by some service providers)
  • You revoke access from within the service providers app/site

If this has happens Momento will require you to re-connect the feed before you can return to receiving updates.

Disconnecting a feed

  1. Tap the 'Settings' (cog) icon in to top left of the 'Timeline'
  2. From the settings menu choose 'Feeds'
  3. Choose the feed you're troubleshooting
  4. Tap 'Disconnect Feed'

Reconnecting a feed

  1. Tap the 'Settings' (cog) icon in to top left of the 'Timeline'
  2. From the settings menu choose 'Feeds'
  3. Choose the feed you're troubleshooting
  4. Tap 'Connect Feed'
  5. You may be prompted to re-enter you credentials for the relative service.

If this still doesn't resolve the issue we recommend deleting then re-adding the feed fresh. Be aware that not all feeds are capable of collecting your entire history (notably, Twitter will only import your last 3,200 tweets).

Deleting and re-adding a feed

  1. Tap the 'Settings' (cog) icon in to top left of the 'Timeline'
  2. From the settings menu choose 'Feeds'
  3. Choose the feed you're troubleshooting
  4. Tap 'Delete Feed'
  5. Re-add the feed fresh.

Feed specific troubleshooting

Some feeds have additional steps you can take to ensure they are setup correctly and to learn more about how they work:

Still having problems?

If you're still having problems after following these steps, please contact us on

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