Why am I seeing a cross 'X' on my photos?

If you are seeing a cross on a photo this is because the photo (or video) could not be accessed. This can happen for a number of reasons depending on where the image resides.

Missing media from a feed account

Momento accesses images from feed accounts directly from the associated service (such as Facebook). Media from feeds is not stored on your device. For performance, low resolution images maybe cached (temporarily stored), but the originals will always reside on the associated service.

For more information on how photos you add to Momento are stored, please see the 'Photo Storage' FAQ.

There a several reasons why Momento may not be able to access your media:

Connection issue — Momento was unable to connect to the internet or there was an issue connecting to the service storing the image. Check you are connected to the internet and that the associated service is working without interruption. If you're accessing the internet via a VPN or behind a firewall this may affect a connection to the associated service.

File deleted — the photo or video has been deleted from the original source. Check the photo or video exists on the associated service. If it doesn't then this image will not be displayed.

Unauthorised access — Momento may not have the necessary permissions required to access the media item. This can happen for numerous technical reasons outside of our control. If you reconnect the feed then this may resolve the issue. Feeds imported from Momento Classic will require you to re-add the feed. On screen instruction will let you know whether this is necessary.

If you're still having issues we would recommend deleting the associated feed from Momento and re-adding it. This will delete all data associated with the feed in Momento and import a fresh copy.

Missing media from a moment created in Momento

Images added from your photo library are imported into Momento and a copy is stored within Momento's database.

There a several reasons why Momento may not be able to access your media:

Failed to successfully import the media — When saving a moment, Momento may have been unable to access the original item. This is common if you use iCloud Photo Library and there's an issue which prevents a connection to the iCloud service — this could be an internet connection issue, an iCloud server issue or a cellular data restriction (such as data roaming or restricting cellular data access to Momento or Photos). If Momento fails to import the media on it's first attempt it will keep retrying intermittently until it successfully imports the file. If reference to the photo is lost during these attempts (such as an iCloud Photo Library restore or a device restore), or if Momento is force quit, then Momento will not be able to import the media and this will need to be manually re-added.

File deleted or corrupt — The photo or video has been deleted from the Momento database. This can happen if the database has been tampered with or become corrupt due to a technical fault with your device or software.

Failed restore — If you have restored data from an incomplete backup with missing or corrupt images then they will no longer display in Momento. This can especially happen if you have restored from an iCloud backup before allowing the media files to finish uploading to the iCloud service. If you're transferring data to new device we recommend using the local backup feature to prevent this. Please see our FAQ article 'Transferring-Momento data to a new device'.

To resolve lost images we recommend re-importing the image or restoring from a local backup.

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