Transferring Momento data to a new device

How do I transfer my data to a new device?

Momento data is stored only on your device, and on iCloud (if iCloud Backups are enabled in Momento). There are two ways of transferring data to a new device:

Via a device backup

The easiest way to transfer your Momento data is by restoring a new device from an iCloud or iTunes device backup.

In some cases this is not possible, or you're wanting to start on a fresh device with none of your previous device data. Additionally you may find that your Momento data doesn't carry across due to an issue with your device backup. If this is the case then we recommend carrying out the transfer manually.

Via a Momento backup

To transfer data to a new device we recommend using a local backup rather than an iCloud backup. This will be much quicker if you have a lot of data or a slow internet connection.

To do this you will need to backup your data on your old device and carry out the steps in the Backup FAQ to copy the the backup file to your computer. Once complete you will then need to copy the files to your new device by following the restore instructions in the Restore FAQ.

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