Why am I seeing a cross 'X' on my photos?

If you are seeing a cross on a photo this is because the photo (or video) could not be accessed.

As photos in Momento aren't stored on the device, this is likely to appear when Momento has had trouble connecting to the source where the photo or video is stored.

There a several reasons why this might happen:

  • Connection issue — Momento was unable to connect to the internet or there was an issue connecting to the service storing the image.
  • File deleted — the photo or video has been deleted from the original source, be it the feed or your photo library.
  • File unavailable — the photo or video is not available on the device you're using.
  • Unauthorised access — if the image belongs to a feed which is disconnected then Momento may not have the necessary permissions required to access the photo. If you reconnect the feed then this will resolve the issue. In the case of Facebook or Instagram feeds imported from Momento Classic you may need to delete the imported feed and re-add it. On screen instruction will let you know whether this is necessary.

For more information on how photos you add to Momento are stored, please see the 'Photo Storage' FAQ.

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