Swarm Feed FAQ

What does Momento import from Swarm?

Momento will import the following items from Swarm:

  • Check-ins
  • Photos

Momento will also detect and import:

  • Places (checked into) — These will appear in 'Explore' > 'Places'.

Momento will not import:

  • Messages

Why does Swarm use Foursquare to authenticate?

Swarm is a Foursquare products and authenticates via the Foursquare app or Foursquare website.

Feed Limitations

There are no feed limitations.

Known Issues

There are no known issues.


I'm receiving the error 'You have denied access to Momento'

If you do not have the Foursquare app installed on your device and Momento is authenticating via Safari then please ensure 'Private' mode is disabled in Safari and try again.

Also, please ensure your remove Momento from your 'Connected Apps' in Foursquare and try again. You can do this by visiting https://foursquare.com/settings/connections.

Other Issues

If you are having issues with this feed please read our 'Troubleshooting Feeds' article.

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