Instagram Feed FAQ

What does Momento import from Instagram?

Momento will import the following items from Instagram:

  • Single Photos (posted by you)
  • Videos (posted by you)

Momento will also detect and import:

  • People (tagged) — These will appear under the 'With' tab of 'Explore' > 'People'.
  • Places (tagged) — These will appear in 'Explore' > 'Places'.

Momento will not import:

  • Multiple photo posts (we're working on it!)
  • People mentioned in comments
  • Direct messages
  • Comments
  • Any items tagged with #momento — this will give you the option to ignore specific photos, if required.

Can I add multiple Instagram accounts?

To do this you will need to either logout of you current Instagram account in Safari OR enable private browsing in Safari. Once you have done this you will then be able to add the new account in Momento.

Feed Limitations

There are no feed limitations. Momento will import your full Instagram history.

Known Issues

There are no known issues with this feed. 


If you are having issues with your Instagram feed please see our 'Troubleshooting Feeds' article.

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