Instagram Feed FAQ

What does Momento import from Instagram?

Momento will import the following items from Instagram:

  • Photos (posted by you)
  • Videos (posted by you)

Momento will not import:

  • People (tagged) - Removed 11/2020 due to Instagram API restrictions.
  • Places (tagged) - Removed 11/2020 due to Instagram API restrictions.
  • People mentioned in comments
  • Direct messages
  • Comments

Can I add multiple Instagram accounts?


Feed Limitations

There are no feed limitations. Momento will import your full Instagram history.

Known Issues


Broken Images

If your are seeing 'X' images for images which aren't loading, this could be due to three reasons.

1. Connection Issues

Instagram images are not stored on your device and whilst some maybe cached (stored temporarily), other older images will be loaded directly from Instagram. If you are experiencing connection issues or your device is unable to communicate with Instagram, then these images won't display until a connection is restored.

2. Unauthorised Access

Momento connects to Instagram using a 'token' which provides secure access to your Instagram data, including images. This token can expire if Momento is not launched and the feed refreshed for periods longer than 30 days. In addition, the token can be revoked should you de-authorise Momento from accessing your Instagram account or carry out changes to certain security settings related to your account on Facebook.

To force refresh the token you will need to disconnect and reconnect the feed in Instagram. If this problem persists you will need to delete the Instagram feed from Momento, and re-add it fresh.

3. Delete Images

Images from feeds are not stored on your device. If you delete images from Instagram then Momento will no longer be able to retrieve them. 


If you are having issues with your Instagram feed please see our 'Troubleshooting Feeds' article.

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